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Timeless 無盡

Project      /   Depression
Product    /   Clock
Year            /   2018
Award        /   Merit - HKSDA 2019

Depression is a modern-day disease and mental illness that is widespread in overpopulated metropolises. An extensive number of people suffer from it in silence as there is shame or a fear of being judged or labeled. Timeless does not seek to cure depression, rather it hopes to raise awareness in a straightforward way.


The group of people in depression is being like trapped in a bottomless black hole. The clock named Timeless is symbolising the situation of people in depression. Instead of the traditional clock, applying the whirlpool concept on the hour and minute hand directly presents infinite situations and a lead ball in the center of the clock is to represent being trapped in depression.


More understanding of their hard time is the core message to deliver to the public.






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