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'迴' 是一個蘆葦味的液體沙漏,一方面可以讓他們在工作的時候,有著清新的呼吸。另一方面,在沙漏漏完了以後,也意味著可以讓他們無論在工作或在學習的時候都可以找時間放鬆一下,平衡身心健康。


Hectic lifestyle exists in Hong Kong.

Therefore, most of the office workers may suffer from a high level of stress when dealing with the jobs. To get more relaxed in the working environment, a reed diffuser hourglass called RETURN can let them smell the aroma so as to alleviate nervous tension. It also reminds the workers to take a break when all aroma oil flow to the container of opposite side in order to facilitate their physical and mental health.

The peculiarity of RETURN: When aroma oil flow through the wood, it will absorb the oil and release the fresh aroma.

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