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Encounter  遇見


 “Encounter” is inspired by FireFly. The story behind it is that fireflies need to blink their body with optical signal to find potential mates.


When the sky goes dark, the ladies can turn on the phone light for making a light bag. Therefore, this is effective to show that the girl is available and confident when the light is blinking. Furthermore, they dance with a bag so the charming light movement will be created like a flying Firefly. That is a great time for ladies to show off this attractive moment with light painting when they wear a bag. This can create a first encounter with an amazing moment between them. The bag is made using black leather, semi-transparent TPU, yellow nylon and cotton to create the similar structure of Firefly.


Party girls should put phone first. Then they can put some make-up tools, e.g. lipstick.

DSC01193 copy.JPG
DSC01153 copy.JPG
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